Fishery Vessels Monitoring System (FVMS)

Fishery vessels monitoring system (fvms)

Since 2006 Scortel Ltd. continuously develops its Fishery Vessels Monitoring System (FVMS).

FVMS is fully compliant with modern EU standards and regulations in the field of fisheries control and protection of fisheries resources.

FVMS Main Functions

  • Performance of real and complete control over the fishery vessels activities, engaged in commercial fishing under the jurisdiction of the State, regardless of their location. 
  • Monitoring and control of foreign fishing vessels for the time when they are in the internal waters of the State.
  • Increasing the efficiency and quality of fishing in the territorial waters of EU Member States in accordance with adopted EU standards and regulations.
  • Integration of FVMS with existing systems with the same purpose in the EU.

FVMS Structure



FVMS Key Features

  •       Real-time vessels monitoring including speed and heading, engine, etc.
  • Zones/polygons control.
  • Routes history.
  • Various reports.
  • Flexible mapping system - Google Maps, MS Bing Maps, OpenSeaMap, integration of customer maps.
  • Definition of points of interest.
  • Receiving and sending messages to / from vessels.
  • Over-the-air programming.
  • Remote diagnostics of the FVMS equipment.
  • Alarms and notifications via e-mail, SMS, etc.
  • Receiving and sending messages (position reports) to foreign FVMS.
  • Defining the type, size and structure of the messages.
  • Electronic Logbook.

FVMS Key System Parameters


  • Global coverage via satellite network.
  • Territorial waters of the State via GSM/GPRS network.

Connectivity and integration:

  • Real-time two-way communication between each fishery vessel and FMVS Control center.
  • Remote user connection to FMVS Control center via Internet.
  • Integration with other FVMS and information systems.


  • Continuously network operation (24/365).
  • Data back-up.

FVMS Key Implementations

  •   Bulgarian Fishery Vessels Monitoring System successfully delivered in 2006.

The system was upgraded and expanded several times and now operates with approximately 200 vessels. 

  • Romanian Fishery Vessels Monitoring System successfully delivered in 2009.

The system operates with 10 vessels.


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