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LT-3100S Iridium GMDSS System

The LT-3100S GMDSS System is the new solution for GMDSS Distress and Safety communication via satellite.

SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS provides GMDSS, SSAS and LRIT, and is a genuine next generation safety solution offering enhancements across the board.


SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS uses CAN-BUS (NMEA 2000) and RJ45 cabling, and it comes with all required cables (30m) out of the box. It is ready to go straight away and expanding it is easier and less costly than with traditional cabling. This flexibility also reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Operation is performed via the new SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal, which stands out as the world's first touch screen, Wheelmarked GMDSS terminal. The multimedia style interface is user-friendly, which in turn ensures the safe operation of the vessel's IMO safety and tracking systems.

Monday, 17 October 2016 20:15

SAILOR 6300 MF/HF Radio Systems

The SAILOR MF/HF radios supports crews in safe and efficient operations as well as meeting GMDSS international safety regulations. Designed to withstand the harsh maritime environment and providing reliable communication and safety equipment at sea, SAILOR MF/HF systems can be used standalone or as part of a complete GMDSS solution alongside with SAILOR VHF and mini-C for all sea areas.

Monday, 17 October 2016 21:26

SAMYUNG SRG 2150 MF/HF Radio Equipment

   • Compliant with ITU, IMO and GMDSS requirement.
   • Compact designed transmitter-receiver with a built-in DSC.
   • Easy to read information with large LCD (10.4) for NBDP terminal.
   • Easy to read Rx&Tx frequency at a time.
   • Available scanning search of transmitter output, frequency & channel.
   • High stability for frequency with 10Hz Step Synthesizer.
   • Built-in alarm signal (2 182 kHz).
   • Storing up to 100 transmitted message (editable).
   • Storing up to 100 received message (every 50 messages for distress and ordinary).
   • Self-diagnostic function for easy maintenance.

Monday, 17 October 2016 21:54

SAMYUNG SRG 3150 MF/HF Radio Equipment

   • Compliant with ITU, IMO and GMDSS standard.
   • Adoption of new conceptual SYNTHESIZER technology improves voice quality, w/out noise.
   • Compact size and simplified key and dial enables to operate efficiently.
   • Realization of dual display for NBDP terminal and SRG-3150DN makes it easier to read data.
   • Designed DSC and W/K receiver built-in integrated transceiver.
   • Available rapid scanning for the variation of transmitting power, frequencies and channel by group or individual.
   • High frequency stability with 10Hz Step Synthesizer.
   • Storing up to 100 transmitted message (editable).
   • Storing up to 100 received message. (50 distress messages and 50 ordinary messages)
   • Self-diagnostic function for easy maintenance.
   • Built-in Speaker (external speaker: option).

Monday, 17 October 2016 22:19

Samyung SNX-300 Navtex Receiver

• New model designed to IMO resolution and performance standards (IMO Resolution MSC.148 (77) ITU-R, M.540-2, M.625-3, IEC-61162).
• International channel (518 kHz) & local channels (490 kHz/4 209.5 kHz) are simultaneously receiving by two receivers built-in.
• Receiving messages sets-up from outer navigational equipment and channels.
• Storage for over 200 advisory including 8 000 receiving letters in average length per channel.
• 50 messages permanently stored per channel and 72-hour-long storage of receiving letters.
• Automatic power blockage run by voltage protection circuit.
• Interfaced to INS(Integrated Navigation System) according to IEC-61162.

Monday, 17 October 2016 22:53

SAILOR 6391 Navtex System

The SAILOR 6391 Navtex System sets new standards in functionality and flexibility for SOLAS mandated Navtex receivers. As a black-box system, with separate touch screen user-interface, it introduces a new approach that enhances safety and efficiency, whilst being fully SOLAS compliant. It is a next generation system offering new installation and operation possibilities today, with the potential to become part of the fully networked bridge in the future.

SAILOR SE-II and SGE-II Satellite EPIRBS (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) are satellite distress beacons designed to operate in conjunction with the Cospas-Sarsat international satellite search and rescue system and GMDSS.

The SEP-500 EPIRB complies with CCIR, RTCM, COSPAS-SARSAT and GMDSS performance standards of IMO with transmitting frequencies of 406 MHz/121.5 MHz.

SAILOR SART II is a 9 GHz X-band Radar transponder designed for assisting rescue operations in accordance with IMO, GMDSS requirements.

Samyung SAR-9 is a Radar Transponder, which is operated in 9.2~9.5 GHz (3 cm) marine radar band. When a radar signal is received from a SAR craft, the SAR-9 automatically starts to transmit a response signal echoing to that Radar.


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