We have always strived to offer our customers new and innovative mobile satellite communications services. In 2003 we expanded our portfolio with Iridium Mobile Satellite Communications Services.

We offer a complete range of Iridium Mobile Satellite Services, postpaid and prepaid, on land and sea. The coverage of the Iridium satellite system is global, even on the poles!

When you need a secure and reliable communication regardless of the coverage of terrestrial communication networks or if you are looking for basic voice communication or Internet connectivity with WiFi for your business or entertainment our specialists will consult you and help you choose the best solution corresponding to your individual needs.

We offer free consultations for any situation which may arise when using the service.
Our main priority is to ensure the high quality of the services and products provided. We possess a quality certificate under ISO 9001: 2008 for the supply of equipment and services, design, system integration, engineering, service and support of systems and networks for public and cooperative mobile and satellite communications.

Scortel is officially approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) with Accounting Authority (AA) identification code BG14.
Scortel has authorization from the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" as a provider of application services of tests for compatibility of LRIT equipment.

Scortel is an authorized distributor of Marlink - an independent provider of satellite communication services of the satellite operators Inmarsat, Iridium Thuraya Eutelsat, Intelsat, Loral, New Skies, SES and Americom.

Scortel is an authorized distributor of MVS - Inmarsat Distribution Partner and Iridium Service Provider.
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