Maritime information systems

Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS)

The Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS) is an extension of the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) and it is advanced integrated solution suitable for monitoring and surveillance purposes. The range of its functions, interfacing with sensors and system flexibility, integrated services for direct sharing of VTS data or access to certain subsystems makes it a highly efficient and configurable solution for small, medium sized and large ports and harbors.

By implementation of VTMIS will be achieved:

  •         Monitoring of all IMO regulations in the VTMIS area
  •         Monitoring and identification of vessels and other navigational objects
  •         Efficient utilization of port infrastructure
  •         Traffic control for better traffic efficiency
  •         Detection of illegal activity (terrorism, piracy, illegal immigration, illegal fishing, smuggling)
  •         Collision Avoidance Provision
  •         Assistance in search and rescue and coastguard activities
  •         VTS data storage for administrative purposes and incident analysis
  •         Environmental protection

VTMIS provides for its users the following important features:

  •         Radar, AIS, CCTV, RDF, Meteo-Hydro sensors support and control
  •         Multi-radar tracking integration
  •         Multi-sensor (Radar and AIS) tracking integration
  •         Multi-AIS data filtering and integration
  •         Manual or automatic target acquisition and drop
  •         Manual or automatic target identification
  •         Radar video presentation
  •         AIS dynamic and static data presentation
  •         Transmission and reception of AIS text telegrams
  •         Target maneuver prediction (radar tracking in “shadow areas”)
  •         Sophisticated zones configuration e.g. traffic, guard, auto acquisition, responsibility etc.
  •         Comprehensive configurable Alarms management including Navigation and Sensor alarms
  •         Record and Playback
  •         Extensive Chart functionality including chart editing and S-57 support
  •         Full system and sensor diagnostics

VTMIS is a powerful solution supporting the various user groups:

  •         Port Authorities
  •         MRCC (Maritime Rescue Control Center)
  •         Maritime Administration
  •         Coast Guard
  •         Ship Office
  •         Ship Agents

VTMIS Diagram




VTMISVTMIS Infrastructure

VTMIS Control Centre

Provides effective integration, management and control of all subsystems and system components. All resources are accessible from workstations located in the CC. It also possible to expand system by adding optional local and remote workstations.




VHF Radio Communication System

Provides ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship radio communication using standard equipment for emergency (GMDSS – Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) and commercial (VTS – Vessel Traffic Services) applications.

AIS System

Provides automatic identification of ships for navigation and safety purposes.

Radar Monitoring System

Radars provide reliable real-time monitoring of ships and other objects within the range of the area of the system responsibility not depending on weather conditions.

CCTV Monitoring System

Provides day and night direct video images helping the operators to identify the situation adding additional sensor information to the integrated situational picture.

Weather Monitoring System

Provides actual information about the weather conditions for maritime authorities, for ships, transport operators and for public use.

GMDSS subsystem

The GMDSS subsystem, including VHF radio communications, provide emergency and safety services for all ships in the waters within the VTMIS area of responsibility. It includes also:

  •       MH/HF ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship radio communications for Zone A2
  •           Navtex

Communication Infrastructure

The communication infrastructure makes the system completely integrated and allows operators and external users effectively to use the system capacity.


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