GPS trackers

FM-Tco4 LCV purpose is to track and monitor light commercial vehicles, such as vans and passenger cars. Device reads LCV on-board computer (CANbus) data and provides vehicles location, route, speed, mileage and other information. Usually it is difficult to monitor light commercial vehicles fuel level and consumption with additional fuel level sensors, therefore FM-Tco4 LCV gathers fuel level and consumption information straight from vehicles on-board computer.

FM-Pro4 is an advanced GPS tracker designed for different types of heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks, agriculture, building and other special machinery. Device purpose is to track and monitor vehicle and its activity parameters. Despite the data provided by GPS tracking this device also obtains vehicles on-board computer (CANbus) data from FMS and J1708 standards.

FM-Eco4 is a GPS tracker created for standard vehicle tracking and monitoring tasks such as providing information on vehicles location, speed, route, fuel level, mileage, etc.

Omnicomm Profi / Profi Wi-Fi is a high-end tracker part of the wide production line of Omnicomm. Profi tracker provides maximum protection and functionalities which makes it a proper solution for high demand applications in a rough environment. In its Wi-Fi version Profi tracker can be used in areas with poor or without GSM coverage.

The feature-rich, fully programmable SkyWave IDP-782 delivers connectivity to assets in fleet management applications both in and out of cellular range. The SkyWave IDP-782 is available as cellular-only or as an integrated, dual-mode cellular-satellite device. For dual-mode applications, fleet managers get the best of both worlds—lower cost cellular coverage and reliable, always-on satellite communications over the two-way IsatData Pro satellite data service anytime the cellular network is unavailable—all from a single source provider.
The SkyWave IDP-782 features a flexible architecture that supports the development of custom applications for more complex solutions, and the use of configurable software applications for quicker deployments.

GL500/ GL505 is a powerful GPS tracker designed for fixed asset tracking applications (beehive, caravans, containers, wagons, etc.). It is powered by user replaceable CR123A lithium battery pack. The internal accelerometer and temperature sensor can be used to create custom flexible scenarios for alarm reporting.


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