Description of mobile video surveillance solutions

Scortel mVIDEO

Solution for online video surveillance in vehicles
Scortel Ltd., partner for Bulgaria of the world's leading manufacturer in the field of mobile telematics Howen Technologies, introduces you an innovative solution for online video surveillance, positioning and management of vehicles fleet.

The solution is fully integrated with the GPS-based telematics platform
AVL Scortel.


Vehicles are equipped with appropriate cameras and mobile DVRs (MDVRs) that record information throughout the trip, leaving a reliable documentary trace. The storage media (SSDs, HDDs, SD memory cards) are in a protected drawer accessible with a key.
On a regular basis the dispatch software receives vehicle location information with precise GPS coordinates, speed, direction of movement, status of sensors (doors, fuel, panic button, driver identification, etc.), as well as other parameters. The software can generate various reports based on the collected information.
Direct video from the cameras via a 3G / 4G mobile network is also available, allowing real-time control as well as process optimization by automatically transferring short videos when certain events occur.

Main solution benefits:

  • Increased safety of passengers, drivers and the vehicle;
  • More efficient response in case of an accident or emergency;
  • Drivers are monitored for the first signs of fatigue and falling asleep (via additional ADAS sensor);
  • Monitor in real time the entire transport process;
  • Increased level of protection against theft and damage;
  • Identification of hooligans, vandals and other violators;
  • Documentary evidence of the events (black box);
  • Verification or rejection of the claims;

By choosing the solution, you get the following main advantages:

  • Real-time information
    • Real-time video
    • Real-time positioning
    • Real-time sensor states
  • Play Records
    • Videos and photos
    • Picture and trace of movement
    • Sensor states
  • Automatic download
    • Automatic download in case of event occurred
    • Prioritization of data transfer channel
    • Adaptive picture quality
  • Documentary evidence
    • Evidence search
    • Easy control panel
    • Automatic event notification

Sample system configuration

sysimplem 2


Sample Driver's equipment

mobilevideo 1


Sample Salon equipment

mobilevideo 2


Dispatching software

mobilevideo 3


 mobilevideo 4


Mobile applications for Android and iOS are also available.

mobilevideo 5



Suitable solution for your fleet:

  • City / intercity buses
  • School buses
  • Police cars
  • Trucks
  • Taxi
  • Trains and trams
  • Collection cars
  • Ambulances
  • Repatriates
  • Auto cisterns
  • Mechanization


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