Satellite data terminal Orbcomm IDP-782

Vehicle telematics for fleet management applications, using cellular or cellular-satellite communications.


   • Two-way, global, IsatData Pro satellite service
   • Cellular communication - GPRS, HSPA
   • Build-in GPS
   • 4 x analog or digital in/out external interfaces
   • 2 x RS-232, 1 x RS-448, 1-CAN bus, 1-Wire interfaces
   • Accelerometer - 3 axis
   • To/From mobile messages - 10000/6400 bytes
   • Typical latency: <15 sec, 100 bytes
   • Inmarsat Type Approval, IP67, CE, FCC, MIL-STD-810G

Fleet managers get the best of both worlds: lower cost data transmission in areas with cellular coverage, and reliable, always-on satellite communications over the two-way IsatData Pro satellite network in remote locations—all from a single-source provider.

The feature-rich, fully programmable IDP-782 delivers connectivity to assets in fleet management applications both in and out of cellular range. The IDP-782 is available as cellular-only or as an integrated, dual-mode cellular-satellite device.

The IDP-782 features a flexible architecture that supports the development of custom applications for more complex solutions, and the use of configurable software applications for quicker deployments.

   • Flexible Programming - Flexible platform supports the development of custom applications for specific customer requirements and quicker time to market.
   • Save on Airtime - Automatically switch between cellular coverage when available and satellite in remote areas for significant cost savings.
   • Backup Battery - Features a backup battery option to enable reporting for up to 2.5 hours when no vehicle power is available.
   • Feature-Rich - Built-in 1-Wire, CANbus, accelerometer, dual SIM, sensor ports and more, allow for a robust tracking and monitoring solution.
   • Enhanced Security - Improve driver, vehicle and cargo security with reliable, always-on communications.
   • Two-way Communication - Track vehicles, vessels, fixed and mobile oil and gas assets and more.
   • Unparalleled Customer Support - Available to solution providers and system integrators as part of an easy to use starter kit, including free activations, airtime and support.
   • Vehicle, rail a trailer/container tracking: Locate and protect cargo over land, rail and sea with cost-effective, global coverage.
   • Vessels and buoys: Lower operational costs, ensure regulatory compliance and enable vital ship-to-shore communications
   • Oil and gas: Remotely monitor and control pipelines, flow meters and enable workforce through SCADA monitoring systems.
   • Water and utilities: Cost effectively monitor remote water infrastructure, tanks and personnel.
   • Mining assets: Reliably connect fixed and mobile mining assets to central offices.
   • Public sector: Track and monitor mission-critical data, personnel and equipment in remote regions.

ORBCOMM devices are optimized to provide near real-time, remote vessel tracking, monitoring and control for commercial fishing boats, merchant marine fleets as well as ocean buoys travelling global waters.

Through its versatile suite of programmable satellite and dual-mode devices, ORBCOMM enables commercial fleets of any size to maintain vital data communications links with home ports, no matter where they are on the world's oceans.

Vessel tracking systems also improve maritime security and fuel efficiency while cost-efficiently ensuring regulatory compliance.

Enhance Maritime Safety and Guide Rescue Operations

   • Improve crew safety with panic buttons linked to shore systems to identify maritime emergencies and guide rescue operations.
   • Send real-time weather and safety alerts to crews at sea.
   • Track vessel location to comply with Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) and Ship Security Alert Service (SSAS) regulations

Simplify Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Deployment

   • Accelerate time to market and reduce integration costs with a pre-certified VMS kit.
   • Reduce total cost of ownership with cost-effective hardware, network services and professional support.
   • Ensure compliance with existing fisheries regulations. Send required forms, logs, and files from a vessel to port authorities.

Reduce Vessel Fuel Costs and Monitor Engine Performance

   • Optimize fuel consumption and reduce costs by monitoring vessel fuel sensors in near real-time.
   • Collect vessel engine performance data and ensure fleets are always operating at their best.
   • Seamlessly integrate vessel tracking devices into existing fuel monitoring solutions.
Monitor Vessel Performance and Reduce Paperwork
   • Ensure all vessels are working at peak efficiency at all times through continuous monitoring of vessel performance data.
   • Reduce paperwork with direct connections to onboard IT systems, telemetry reports, and information gathered on vessels.
   • Transmit catch reports, fishing forms, e-mails and more with shore systems in near real-time.


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